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Acupuncture for foot pain

Acupuncture’s Effectiveness In Relieving & Treating Foot Pain

Many patients, who experience chronic foot pain, find relief in alternative medicines. Amongst these, acupuncture is one of the most ancient and effective natural treatments for pain relief available to podiatry patients.

Developed in China and applied thousands of years ago, acupuncture like Acupuncture for Foot Pain performed at Acupuncture Perth, involves stimulating key points throughout body by inserting thin needles under skin, and gently manipulating them. The whole concept of acupuncture stands on the belief and fact that energy flowing through body (Chinese ancients used to call it qi) can get disrupted and re-directed by insertion of needles. Acupuncture is not quite a very painful procedure, and is used mainly for mitigating and treating chronic pain in body’s specified areas. Formerly known as an obscure procedure, acupuncture like Acupuncture for Foot Pain done at Acupuncture Perth and acupressure (using massage techniques) have gained popularity in recent years for treating conditions like chronic foot pain.

Feet take a pounding in modern life, podiatric problems being commonplace amongst people of all age groups. But with progression of age, peoples’ muscles and bones change, becoming corroded and dysfunctional to some extent leading to feet problems having chronic foot pain and other feet ailments. Conditions like plantar fasciitis, neuromas (buildup of tissue in nerves running between long bones of foot), bone spurs, corns and bunions, or arthritis result in debilitating pain and compromised mobility. Poor posture, ill-fitting footwear, sports-related stress, anxiety, injury manifest in foot pain and tenderness, and Acupuncture for Foot Pain carried out at Acupuncture Perth is the only way out!

Typical treatments for foot ailments and pain involve use of orthotics or chemical pain relief. Chronic foot pain often fails to respond to these treatments, and thus arises the need for alternative treatment or medicine like Acupuncture for Foot Pain. Furthermore, natural treatments also appeal to those adopting healthy lifestyle or who are already taking medications for other conditions. In these scenarios, acupuncture like Acupuncture for Foot pain performed by certified practitioners at Acupuncture Perth, is beneficial in number of ways including:

  • Pain relief
  • Increasing blood flow to the foot & lower leg
  • More rapid healing of wounds/injuries
  • Restoring mobility & flexibility


Acupuncture for Foot Pain performed by experienced, certified medical practitioners of Acupuncture Perth, generally lasts 30-60 minutes and continues once or twice a week through healing stage. Many patients opt for acupuncture for maintaining foot health and to keep pain at bay. Though acupuncture is not for everyone, it’s a tried-and-tested formula helping patient with chronic foot pain when all other modes of treatments like administering drugs, orthotics fail. However, certified practitioners at Acupuncture Perth vouch for the fact that Acupuncture for Foot pain is safe, natural and highly effective.

Get chronic foot pain and other foot-related ailments treated at Floreat Acupuncture Perth! We provide safe, effective foot pain relief and treatments in consultation with our qualified, certified, experienced practitioners-Liguo Zhang, Yun Liu. With experience spanning over 30 years, Floreat Acupuncture Perth employs conventional techniques like Chinese Herbal Medicine in treating and reducing foot pain, fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, double chins, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, lethargy, arthritis, TMJ, sinus/hayfever, cancer.

Range of Services:

  • Holistic care for foot pain.
  • Cupping therapy for creating skin suction for toxin removal.
  • Cosmetic acupuncture for increasing oxygen levels via microcirculation leading to detoxification.
  • Acupuncture for holistic well-being.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine including Yin & Yang, five elements.
  • Tui Na/Massage for reducing muscle tension from acute chronic pain through Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LMD).
  • Moxibustion for cold condition & cancer support.
  • Scraping (Gua Sha) for minimizing pain, breaking down adhesions, increasing range of motion, reduced swelling.


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