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Acupuncture For Pain Management

Pain Management

Treatment for Pain

–  Headaches and Migraine
–  TMJ /Jaw pain
–  Neck pain/Stiff
–  shoulder pain, frozen shoulder
–  lower back pain (acute and chronic)
–  Nerve impingement
–  Sciatica
–  Tennis Elbow
–  Sports injuries
–  Bursitis, tenosynovitis, arthritis
–  Foot pain, Knee pain, Hip pain

Does It Work?

As a part of traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture has gained popularity in Western culture all over the world; especially in pain management. Stimulating the channels helps to correct imbalance of the body and to restore health, thus achieving the goal of alleviating pain and stress in the body.

At Floreat Acupuncture Perth, we treat a variety of acute and chronic pain including a range of foot pain, reduced range of motion to the neck and lower back and much more. Our experienced practitioners may apply various techniques and carefully choose the acupuncture points (acupoints) that suits you the best. The acupoints might be different for each person based on individual conditions; also, the points and techniques may not be the same with each of your visits according to your current situation. Please keep in mind that it may take a few sessions to allow your body to get the best possible result. Make sure to discuss your situation thoroughly with your acupuncturist before undergoing treatment.

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We provide holistic care for foot pain. Your feet will have the most effective results at Floreat Acupuncture.
Many clients suffering from foot pain improved straight after the first session. Get foot pain relief now‎.

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