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Acupuncture’s Efficacy In Treating Acute Low Back Pain As Compared To Drug Therapy

Low back pain, rather, acute low back pain is one of the most common reasons that accounts for people coming in for acupuncture sessionsdone at Acupuncture Perth. Acupuncture is highly beneficial for those suffering from chronic and acute low back pain throwing life completely out of gear. Acupuncture performed at Acupuncture Floreat, Perth by certifiedacupuncturists delves into underlying issues associated with low back pain to give permanent respite from this painful ‘ordeal’.Its benevolent aspect is well substantiated by Guidelines from American Pain Society and American College of Physicians, which upholds that acupuncture is an effective treatment/therapy for patients with low back pain, not helped by conventional treatments like prescribing drugs and all.

Causes of Acute Low Back Pain:

  • Poor postures
  • Weak muscles (back, abdominal, gluteal)
  • Muscle tightness & trigger points
  • Excessive sitting
  • Excessive twisting, bending, back extension
  • Disc problems
  • Scoliosis & other structural conditions
  • Acute trauma


Common Trigger Points for Acute Low Back Pain:

  • Quadratus Lumborum
  • Lumbar stabilizing muscle, hikes up hip, laterally flexes back, extends spine.
  • Pain refers to SI joint, lateral hip, buttock, possibly anterior thigh
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Abducts hip & internally rotates femur
  • Referred pain in low back, sacrum, lateral hip, buttock
  • Paraspinal muscles (iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis, multifidi)
  • Extend back & aids in side bending
  • Pain referral into low back, posterior hip, SI joint
  • Psoas &IIiacus
  • Flex hip & extend spine
  • This muscle is accessed from front of body, with pain referring to lower back, sacrum, & anterior thigh
  • Rectus Abdominus
  • Flexes & rotates spine
  • While this muscle is located on front of body, trigger points refer to mid or lower back.


How Acupuncture performed at Acupuncture Perth aids in Acute Low Back Pain:

Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles at body’s certain points consisting of more than 2,000 of these points. They’re connected by pathways or meridians, creating energy flow called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Stimulating these points correct qi imbalance enhancing energy flow, relieving pain and improving overall health. Stimulating central nervous system triggers chemicals release into muscles, spinal cord, brain either altering experience of pain or producing bodily changes promoting sense of wellbeing.

Other theories indicate acupuncture, performed at Acupuncture Perth, functions by:

  • Speeding relay of electromagnetic signals marking flow of pain-killing chemicals like endorphins or releasing immune system cells in body.
  • Triggering release of natural opioids which’re chemicals in brain helping to lessen pain or promote sleep.
  • Changing brain chemistry by altering release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones-neurotransmitters either stimulating or dampening nerve impulses, and neurohormones affecting organs’ functional activity in body.


Potential Risks of Acupuncture & Side Effects:

Acupuncture is safe bet if performed by certified acupuncturists from Acupuncture Perth, having no such serious side effects. Acupuncture has fewer adverse side effects compared to standard treatments for back pain like drugs which’ve various side effects with complications. Consider acupuncture done by trained acupuncturists if conventional modes of treatment have failed.

Get acute lower back pain treated at Acupuncture Floreat, Perth! We provide safe, effective acupuncture for improving overall health in consultation with our certified practitioners-Liguo Zhang, Yun Liu. With over 30 years of experience, Acupuncture Floreat employs traditional methods like Chinese Herbal Medicine for holistic wellbeing and for treating headaches & migraines, foot pain, fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, double chins, anxiety, stress, insomnia, lethargy, arthritis, TMJ, sinus/hayfever, cancer.

Range of Acupuncture Services:

  • Acupuncture for acute low back pain
  • Acupuncture for stress-related infertility
  • Acupuncture for migraines & headaches
  • Acupuncture for overall, holistic wellbeing
  • Moxibustion for cold condition & cancer support
  • Scraping (Gua Sha) for reducing pain, breaking down adhesions, increasing range of motion, reduced swelling
  • Cupping therapy for creating suction for toxin removal
  • Cosmetic acupuncture for increasing oxygen levels via microcirculation leading to detoxification
  • Holistic care for foot pain
  • Chinese Herbal medicine including Yin & Yang, five elements
  • Tui Na/Massage for reducing muscle tension from acute chronic pain through Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LMD)
  • Acupuncture for stress & anxiety


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